Athlete Training

Revolt Performance comprehensive athlete training is designed to increase linear and multi-directional speed, develop strength and power. Performance training is suitable for high-level athletes and amateur athletes. Training is customized to each athlete’s needs and sport. We offer 1-on-1 and “buddy training” (2-on-1).

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Custom Training Plan

A performance training plan is created by our personal trainers in consultation with you. A plan will help you realize your goals efficiently and safely.

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Training Equipment

Most training sessions combine exercise (resistance and cardio) with speed, agility and mobility training.

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Session Duration

We recommend 1-hour training sessions twice per week although some clients prefer weekly sessions in addition to their own training regimen.

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A water bottle and indoor runners are required for gym training. We also recommend consulting your doctor about readiness.

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  • Where: RVP gym in South Surrey. View map.
  • When: Days, eves, weekends available.
    • Duration: 60 minutes/session.
    • How to book: contact us.
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Athlete Training FAQ

Many questions about athletic performance training are answered below. If you don’t find an answer you’re looking for, please contact us.

How much does training cost?

Our athlete performance training is competitively priced. Clients can pay as they go or purchase a plan. View athlete training pricing.

How do I pay and what forms of payment do you accept?

To book training, please contact us. We accept cash and and e-transfers. Payment may be made upon booking.

Where is training held?

How long are training sessions?

Sessions are 60 mins long.
Please arrive 10 mins prior to your session to do your warm up that is provided to you.

What's included in the training plan?

A training plan will be created with your individual sport and needs in mind. The plan is designed to improve stamina, speed, agility, strength and power required to perform well in your sport.

I don't like training alone. Can a friend train with me?

Yes, you can train with another athlete! We offer both 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 athlete training.

Who do you consider an athlete?

Any person who participates in a team or individual sport that requires skill and physical fitness is an athlete. Athletes come in all shapes, sizes and experience levels.

I only play sports on weekends. Is athletic performance training for me?

Yes, athlete training is for you! Any athlete, regardless of how often they are involved in their chosen sport, can benefit from athletic performance training. Whether you’ve just started your athletic journey, only participate in your sport on weekends or seasonally, or, you are a seasoned athlete, training will improve your performance, fitness and confidence.

What kind of athletes do you train?

Revolt Performance provides performance training for competitive athletes, amateur league players and weekend warriors. Whatever your level of fitness or athletic experience, athlete training will improve your performance and enhance confidence.  We specialize in training athletes who participant in team sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby, football, lacrosse. We also train athletes in individual sports such as weight lifting, tennis, swimming, cycling, and track and field.

Do you sports team training?

Yes, we offer team training classes for most types of sports including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and more.

Are there any age restrictions?

Minimum age of 12. No maximum age restriction.