RVP 8-Week Fitness Challenges

For Adults 18+

Revolt Performance runs 8-week fitness challenges several times per year. Each challenge focuses on a specific fitness goal: muscle building or strength, cardio, weight loss, core strength, mobility and other goals.

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Training & Meal Plan

8-week training plan and meal plan designed to meet specific fitness goals. Includes bi-weekly weigh-ins and weekly check-ins.

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Community & Motivation

Continuous motivation from our community and the RVP fitness tracking app.

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Session Duration

Challenge classes are 1 hour. Clients arrive 10-minutes early to warm up.

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A water bottle and indoor runners are required for gym training. We also recommend consulting your doctor about readiness.

Instructor leading group through a fitness challenge class
  • Price for 8-weeks:
    2x per week . . . $300 (16 sessions @ $18.75/session), or
    3x per week . . . $400 (24 sessions @ $16.75/session).
  • Where: RVP gym in South Surrey. View map.
    • When: Class times available Mon, Wed, Fri at 6am, 12pm, and 6pm. Saturdays at 8am.
    • Duration: 60 minutes/session.
    • How to book: contact us.

8-Week Challenges FAQ

Many questions about fitness challenge classes are answered below. If you don’t find an answer you’re looking for, please contact us.

How do I pay and what forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and e-transfers. You may pay upon booking.

How do I book a fitness challenge class?

Fitness challenge classes are run in Group Fitness Class time slots (see schedule). To book training, please contact us and let us know what days/times you prefer.

How long are training sessions?

Each challenge class is 60 minutes. Clients arrive 10 minutes early to do a warmup provided by their Revolt Performance trainer.

Are classes co-ed?

Yes, all fitness classes are gender inclusive.

Do you offer men-only and women-only group fitness classes?

At this time, we don’t offer men-only or women-only group fitness training.

How many people are in each class?

A maximum of six people are in each group training class.

Are classes indoors or outdoors? Where is RVP located?

Fitness challenge classes are held inside, at our gym in South Surrey. View a map of our location.

Are there any age restrictions?

Minimum age of 18. No maximum age restriction.