About Revolt Performance

Revolt Performance gym is an inclusive, non-judgemental space where all clients, regardless of fitness level or background, can feel comfortable, accepted and supported. RVP is your gym!

RVP Beliefs

We started Revolt Performance gym with the firm belief that fitness is for everyone – regardless of experience, fitness level, age or background. This principle was foremost in our minds when we designed our space, our programs, and our approach to supporting clients’ personal fitness goals.

We believe in the power of fitness to positively influence your general health, while also improving personal outlook, emotions and spirit. We’re here to guide you in your personal journey, so you can experience how fitness can bring balance in your life. We meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey and guide you to achievable goals whether you’re a novice, athlete, or somewhere in between.

The RVP Difference

RVP is a private gym and not a “drop-in” gym or exclusive, high-priced club that primarily serves athletes and body builders. We understand how public gyms can be busy, noisy, and full of distractions. Many people feel intimidated working out in a public gym, or feel that they don’t fit in, and so avoid joining or drop out after a few sessions. At RVP, all clients can feel relaxed and at home, so they can focus on what they came for – fitness training!

RVP personal trainers offer custom workouts tailored to a client’s specific needs. Training plans consider fitness goals, lifestyle, any physical challenges, and available time. We keep it simple: come to us with a fitness goal; we use our knowledge and skill to build a program that will help you more easily achieve that goal.

Gym Amenities

  • 1800 sq. ft. high performance facility
  • Premium 1-on-1 or group training
  • Personal trainers
  • Rogue power racks
  • Rogue GHD
  • Dumbbells ranging from 3-100 lbs
  • Lifting accessories
  • 20 yards of turf
  • Medicine balls ranging from 4-30 lbs
  • Cardio equipment
  • Specialty exercise bars
  • Soft plyo boxes
  • Weight sleds
  • Free parking
  • Washrooms (gender neutral)
  • Wheelchair friendly